Blayney Scott (standing) inspects an extrusion die.

Blayney Scott (standing) inspects an extrusion die.

Blayney Scott (1924 – 2000) was born in Calgary, Alberta. After serving in the merchant marine during WWII, he built a troller and fished the BC coast until 1952, when he founded Scott Plastics Ltd in Victoria. From its humble beginnings his company, Scott Plastics pioneered the use of plastics in the manufacture of fishing gear. By 1999 the company was turning out more than 750 products under the “Scotty” trademark. Although fishing, marine and outdoors products comprise the majority of sales, the company also produces custom plastic moulded parts for a variety of industries.

One of Blayney’s major contributions to sport fishing was the development of the West Coast’s first downrigger trolling rig. The company also produces an egg “incubator” system that allows fish eggs to develop to the swimming fry stage while protected in a plastic container, a device that is expected to become a valuable tool in ensuring healthy fish populations.

Messenger III and the Victoria Classic Boat Festival

Scott was skipper of Messenger III, a retired West Coast missionary boat. and a great supporter of the Victoria Classic Boat Festival and served as a long-time festival judge. In recognition of his support of the Festival he was appointed Festival Commodore in 1992. He attended most every

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