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From long before the arrival of the “newcomers”, the glittering inlet now known everywhere as Victoria, British Columbia’s harbour has sheltered the homes and industry of generations of people from around the world who have chosen to settle and flourish on the shores of Victoria’s crowning jewel.

Place Making Around the Harbour

The Victoria Harbour History Project is a storytelling resource for those who are involved in place making around our historic harbour. Place making is a democratic process that capitalizes on a community’s story, assets, inspiration and potential to create authentic public gathering spaces that nurture health, happiness, and economic well-being. Eleven principles have been developed by the Project for Public Spaces to guide successful place making efforts.

Harry Heine R.S.M.A., C.S.M.A., N.W.W.S., F.C.A

Harry Heine (1928 – 2004), our home screen artist, was a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, to which he was elected the only Canadian member in 1980. He was a Vice President of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists and of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He was made an Honorary Citizen of the City of Victoria in 1985 and an Honorary Alberta Artist in 1983 in recognition of his contribution to the Visual Arts. He was also a member of the Northwest Watercolour Society. Click here if you are interested in purchasing one of Heine’s prints


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