Parade of Ships Dedication

Parade of Ships dedication plaque on the west face of the plinth under Captain Cook’s statue across from the Empress Hotel.

The Parade of Ships was the idea of James K. Nesbitt. The Parade of Ships dedication plaque is on the west side of the plinth supporting the statue of Captain Cook.

The Parade of Ships consists of the series of bronze plaques that line the Upper Causeway overlooking the Inner Harbour commemorating historic Victoria harbour events. The parade’s official unveiling of the first 24 plaques took place on 09 June, 1962. Since its dedication the number of plaques commemorating the vessels, people, and events significant to the harbour’s story has grown to more than 70. The Victoria Harbour History Society is currently working to bring the sleeping stories that lie beneath the bronze to life for the thousands who walk the Upper Causeway each year.