Victoria’s Harbour is divided into seven sections, each unique in character.

The Outer Harbour

From the original Outer Wharf through Rithet’s Piers to the amazing construct of The Breakwater and the Ogden Point Docks, the Outer Harbour has long been Victoria’s gateway to the wide world. Shoaling waters prevented ocean-going vessels from sailing into the balance of the harbour’s complex

West Bay

With the move of the Canadian Army’s C Battery from Beacon Hill to West Bay and the construction of the Island Magazine West Bay became the country’s first permanent army installation on the west coast.

The Middle Harbour

For centuries the Songhees harvested shellfish from the mudflats that comprised the south shore of the middle harbour. Once the home of the Laing’s Ways, the city’s first shipyard the area attracted early float homes, transient barges, and fish boats.

The Inner Harbour

From the early harvest of its natural bounty through the city’s industrial age to today’s mix of government, tourism, and residential, The Inner Harbour has always been the heart of the harbour.

The Upper Harbour

The Upper Harbour has long served as the industrial engine room of Victoria’s economy. From the steady service of the shipyards at Point Hope to the establishment of the roots of Albion Iron Works to the generation of commercial gas and later electricity to light and power the city the Upper Harbour has played its part in laying the successful foundations of the city.

Selkirk Water

Selkirk Water extends northwest from the Point Ellice Bridge to Chapman Point. The Galloping Goose Regional Trail traverses Selkirk Water on a bridge known as the Selkirk Trestle that was originally built by the Canadian National Railway.

Portage Inlet

The inner most portion of the harbour is called Portage Inlet and it extends north and west of Craigflower Bridge. The most noticeable feature of Portage Inlet seen from above is the Craigowan Road peninsula that extends into the water body north of the Shoreline Community School. Just south of Portage Inlet is the Portage Regional Park in View Royal that runs north from Thetis Cove in Esquimalt Harbour.[51] Flowing into Portage Inlet’s northeast side is Colquitz Creek which drains Elk Lake which in turn drains O’Donnel Creek. The Victoria City Rowing Club rows at Elk Lake along with local University and High School crews.