Songhees woman selling clams

Songhees woman selling clams Accreditation: Mary Evans Picture Library

Among the foremost of the harbour heroes are generations of Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations who weathered the tsunami of the “newcomer’s” ways,  allowing for the present day Renaissance of their culture.

Like the astronauts of our own time, the maritime explorers of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries bravely explored the Pacific Northwest when the only charts and maps available of this hostile world were of their own creation. Their exploration and documentation allowed the clever enterprisers who followed in their wake to establish community around the harbour that grew into today’s Victoria.

Creative folk have expressed their impressions of the harbour since the founding of the fort, while adventure-seeking mariners have sailed far beyond Macaulay Point to satisfy their curiosities, and to have their skills entered into the lore of the sea. The efforts of citizens, both as individuals and gathered in organizations, have long enhanced the harbour’s potential to the benefit and enjoyment of us all.

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