A Porthole to the Past

Your sponsorship is acknowledged with the name of your choice featured prominently on a brass plaque at the top of the Porthole to the Past’s frame.

Portholes to the Past consist of a six feet high tubular aluminum frame holding the weatherproof tempered glass “porthole” at eye level. Your Porthole superimposes a view of what was once on the harbour’s far shore onto the existing scene.

RFID technology links your Porthole to the its complete story on your company’s website to serve two important purposes:

  1. To share your sponsored Porthole’s full story that we will supply along with historic pictures, and
  2. To drive tourists and residents to your website.

A Current View

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So Many Lost Opportunities!

Picturesque yet disconnected views abound around the harbour.

There could be so much more!


The Porthole View

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Revealing a Harbour's Story

Each peek through a Porthole to the Past reveals a harbour origin story.

Your Porthole is connected to its complete story on your website.

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