Eddie Hubbard

Eddie Hubbard (in flight suit) Photo: Wikipedia Eddy Hubbard flew the first international mail delivery in North America – 60 letters between Vancouver and Seattle in 1919. In April of that year, Bill Boeing delivered the B-1, a custom flying boat, to his friend and test pilot, Eddie Hubbard. In an era [...]

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R.C. Janion

. The first mention of Richard Cheshyre Janion in Victoria was in the Victoria Colonist in March of 1859: “The American brigantine Augenrite, Studley, arrived yesterday … from Honolulu with cargo consigned to Mr. R.C. Janion.” Janion imported liquors for liquor merchants, and cleared cargoes from many parts of the world. He formed a partnership [...]

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Robert Pim Butchart

  image: Wikipedia Robert Pim Butchart (1856 – 1943) was a significant figure in British Columbia’s shipbuilding industry. Born and educated at Owen Sound, Ontario, he married Jennie Foster Kennedy of Toronto in 1884. Four years later the couple founded the Owen Sound Portland Cement Company… the business that would become the [...]

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Captain John Irving

Accreditation: Wikipedia John Irving (1854 –1936) was born in Portland, Oregon, second of four children and only son of William and Elizabeth Irving. The family moved to New Westminster, British Columbia in 1865. John began his career in the Fraser River steamboat business at the age of 18 when his father, Captain [...]

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W.J. Pendray

William J. Pendray William (1846 – 1913) was born in Cornwall, England. He came to California in 1868 via the Isthmus of Panama prior to the completion of the canal. After eight months in California’s mines he left for the Cariboo, after visiting his uncle W. J. Jeffree, a prominent clothier in Victoria. In the [...]

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R.P. Rithet

Accreditation: Wikipedia Robert Patterson Rithet (1844 – 1919) was born in Cleuchhead, Scotland and at 15 apprenticed with a Liverpool merchant firm. He immigrated to British Columbia in 1862. During his first two years he prospected for gold and worked on road construction in the Cariboo district. In 1865 he was hired [...]

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Marguerite Ethel Spratt

Marguerite Spratt, nee Deuel (1872-1946) was born in Sacremento, California. She married Charles Spratt of Victoria on or around 1894. Charles inherited Victoria’s Albion Iron Works and the Victoria Machinery Depot (VMD) from his father Joseph in 1882. He successfully operated both enterprises until his health began to fail in 1921. Marguerite assumed control of [...]

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Captain Joseph Spratt

Accreditation: Wikipeda Captain Charles Joseph Spratt (1834 -1888) was born in England and, after being educated at Brussels, returned to England to learn marine engineering and construction. He immigrated to California in 1853, attracted like so many others by gold fever. He established the Albion Foundry in San Francisco and built the [...]

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James Trehay

James Trahey (1830-1868) was a pioneer shipbuilder born in Nova Scotia. He travelled west to Victoria in 1859. He possessed great ability, and many of the stern wheelers that plied the demanding upper Fraser River between 1862 on into the second decade of the 20th Century, including Victoria, Isabel, and Enterprise, were built by [...]

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Captain William Moore

William Moore was born in Hanover, Germany. By the age of seven he was sailing on North Sea schooners.

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