Elizabeth Chambers

Elizabeth Chambers has been a community activist...

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J.H. Tunstall & Billy the Kid

John Henry Tunstall In 1872 England’s John Henry Tunstall Sr. dispatched his son John Henry Jr. to look into declining profits at Turner, Beeton and Tunstall, a large dry goods store located on Victoria's Wharf Street. John Henry enjoyed the expanse of the new country and often rode out to the deserted [...]

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Drs. Wallace & Madeline Chung

Drs. Wallace and Madeline Chung Dr. Wallace B. Chung began collecting Canadian Pacific Railway memorabilia as a six-year-old child growing up in Victoria, B.C. His passion for 19th and early 20th century maritime history would endure throughout his formal schooling at Victoria College, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University. After [...]

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Search & Rescue 35 Victoria

Fast Response Craft Tolonen The Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue Station 35 (RCM-SAR 35) is a group of skilled volunteers who donate their time to provide 24-hour year-round emergency search and rescue services on the Victoria waterfront and beyond. 

 Together with the Canadian Coast Guard and other local emergency service providers they [...]

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Mercy Ships Canada

The hospital ship African Mercy Mercy Ships Canada is headquartered in Victoria and operates the world’s largest non-governmental floating hospital, the African Mercy. The vessel maintains five operating theatres and an 82-bed ward staffed by a volunteer multi-national team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, and crew. Since 1978 Mercy Ships has delivered life-saving [...]

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Captain John (Jack) Cox

Captain John Cox Photo: BC Shipping News Captain John (Jack) Cox has over 55 years experience in the maritime shipping business. Currently he serves as Chairman and CEO of Black Ball Ferry Line, owners of the M.V. COHO operating on the international route between Port Angeles, Washington and Victoria, British Columbia. Black [...]

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. The foremost of our harbour's heroes are the generations of Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations who weathered the tsunami of the settlers' ways. The current renaissance of their culture is a result of their steadfast honouring of ancient ways and beliefs. In the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century came the maritime explorers who, like the [...]

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James Douglas Warren

James Douglas Warren James Douglas Warren was born in 1837 in Prince Edward Island. He arrived in Victoria in 1858 and began trading with the natives on the west coast of Vancouver Island in his sloop Thornton. Though he freighted cargo and shipped passengers his main business was trading dogfish oil and [...]

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Bill Reid

Toward the end of his life Reid's face took on the magnificent qualities of the Haida art he carved so eloquently into cedar, silver and gold... Bill Reid (1920-1998) was one of Canada's most celebrated and accomplished contemporary artists. He has been widely acclaimed as a pivotal force in the rediscovery of [...]

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Peter Skene Ogden

Peter Skene Ogden Peter Skene Ogden (1790–1854) served for a brief time with the American Fur Company then joined the North West Company in 1809. He had frequent run-ins with the traders from the rival Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) and engaged in physical violence on several occasions. In 1816, HBC clerks reported [...]

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