Victoria Esquimalt Harbour Society

A panorama of Victoria's harbour in the foreground and Esquimalt's harbour in the background The Victoria Esquimalt Harbour Society (VEHS) is a group of harbour stakeholders united to providing vision, knowledge and guidance for vibrant activity and commerce at the interface between land and sea in both Victoria and Esquimalt Harbours. The [...]

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James Bay Neighborhood Assn

James Bay seen from the south shore looking north towards the city. Circa 1880, Richard Maynard photo. Courtesy BC Archives F-06757 T he James Bay Neighborhood Association is a non-profit society of a group of James Bay residents who care about their neighbors and their community. The association was registered in 1993. [...]

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Victoria Classic Boat Festival

The 38th Annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival sponsored by Canoe Cove Marina and Boat Yard in the Inner Harbour Since 1977 the Victoria Classic Boat Festival®, initially a “one-time “happening”, has become one of Victoria’s most popular annual free events. Admirers from all over the world flock to the Inner Harbour’s floats in [...]

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John West

John West as Master of Ceremonies at the Victoria Classic Boat Festival award banquet. The Victoria Harbour History website is dedicated to the memory of John West (1949-2017). John was a sailor, historian, engineer, maritime activist, bon vivant, and a raconteur of the first order. He loved the sea and her boats... [...]

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Michael Williams

Michael Williams, by Godfrey Stephens (pen and ink on paper, 1994). Image: courtesy of UVic Legacy Art Galleries. Michael Collard Williams (1930-2000) came to Canada in 1950 from the farming region of Shropshire, England. After several years in the Okanagan Valley, he arrived in Victoria in 1958. By the 1970s, Williams had [...]

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David Butterfield

David Butterfield (1948 -2017) was a real estate developer whose drive for beauty, quality, and permanence set the modern standard for residential and mixed-use development in Victoria, particularly on the shores of her Inner Harbour. His vision is on par with that of Michael Williams, whose foresight has ensured Victoria’s Old Town retains its [...]

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Boilermakers Lodge 191

Image courtesy of wepartypatriots Boilermakers Lodge 191, the first in British Columbia, was established in the City of Victoria on January 29, 1898. The Yukon Gold Rush created a demand for the fabrication of stationary and marine boilers. With the passing of the gold rush demand continued. The city’s harbour and its facilities, including [...]

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William Turpel 1843-1926

William Turpel was born to Irish immigrants to Nova Scotia John Campbell and Mary Turpel In 1888 Turpel purchased the Colling and Cook’s Ways established on Victoria’s Upper Harbour in 1873. The yard was located on a point of land that created the deep, sheltered bay on harbour’s west shore, perfect for ship-building. He renamed [...]

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Jeanne Socrates

  Jeanne Socrates, at 70 years old is the oldest woman to complete a non-stop solo circumnavigation. On 22 October 2012 she departed Victoria’s Inner Harbour and after 260 days at sea she tied up once again on July 8 in front of the Empress Hotel. Her mooring fees were waived by the Greater [...]

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William Brotchie

William Brotchie was born in Scotland, entering service in the British Royal Navy around 1830. The original aid to navigation was constructed in 1898 lasted ninety-one years. Wave action undermined its base and a new beacon replaced it in 1989. His name lives on in Victoria’s harbour history as the namesake for Brotiche [...]

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