CP Princess Louise

Accreditation: City of Vancouver Archives

Princess Louise was the second vessel in the Princess Fleet to bear the name. The first Princess Louise was the founding vessel of the fleet. The new Princess Louise was a 4,032-ton steel vessel built by the Wallace Shipyards at North Vancouver in 1921. Princess Louise’ dimensions were 317.2 x 48.1 x 34.6. She was driven by a single reciprocating steam engine of 4,500 horsepower with a service speed of 17 knots. She was fitted out to carry 1,000 day passengers, or 236 overnight passengers in 133 staterooms.
In 1965 she was sold for a restaurant ship in Long Beach, California. In 1989 the restaurant failed. Subsequently Princess Louise rolled over and sank at her dock. She was raised in1990. She was to be resunk as a dive attraction, but insistent divers allegedly annoyed the owners so much they towed the Princess Louise out into the channel and sunk her out of the diver’s reach in 400 feet of water.

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