CP Princess Marguerite

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Two splendid new three-funnel steamships, Princess Kathleen and Princess Marguerite, arrived at Victoria from John Brown & Co. Ltd., Clydebank, Scotland in 1925. Designed for the triangle route between Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle, they were also fitted for northern cruise service. They were miniature ocean liners of 5,875 tons that attained speeds in excess of 22 knots on their trials in Scotland and made the Victoria-Seattle run in under four hours. They were the first turbine steamships built specifically for the CPR Coast Service fleet, their twin screw power plants developed 12,250 horsepower. Each was 350.1 feet in length with a beam of 60.1 feet and a depth of 17.1 feet.

Princess Marguerite

Princess Marguerite, formerly in operation with her sister, Princess Kathleen in the Canadian Pacific B. C. Coast Service on the Seattle-Victoria-Vancouver triangular run, was torpedoed and sunk on 17 August, 1942 in the Mediterranean while in operation as a British troopship.


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