Thane offers three hour sails departing 3 times daily from ‘A’ dock in front of the Empress Hotel in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. She is a direct decendant of Spray, one of the worlds great sailing vessels. In 1895 Joshua Slocum’s began one of history’s most famous feats of single-handed voyages aboard Spray on his three-year 46,000 mile voyage.

She was meticulously built over five years on Finger One at Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf by Len Pearson. Thane is 57 ft overall, 39.5 ft on deck and powered by a 110 hp Isuzu diesel. Although Thane has yet to circumnavigate, she self steers like the original Spray and is as stoutly built. Like her predecessor, she’s a proud working girl. ‘Currently Thane is currently owned and operated by Rob McCallum and Pete Reid.

THANE is Transport Canada certified for up to 18 day passengers or 6 overnight guests. Captains Rob McCallum & Pete Reid both hold Masters Limited certification and Crew are MED (Marine Emergency Duty) certified.