Seaplane mapSeaplane Docking Sites

1. James Bay

Eddie Hubbard made his historic first airmail drop off in James Bay. During the 1920’s the Inner Harbour was deemed unsafe for seaplane activity as there were up to 20 ship arrivals or departures each day. For a short time in the summer of 1931 James Bay was used for regular passenger service for Vancouver and Seattle James Bay was not a significant seaplane docking site.

2. The Brackman & Kerr wharf

The first seaplane mooring location in Victoria’s harbour was a pocket beach located to the east of today’s HMCS Malahat pier. The floating wharf was constructed Eddie Hubbard for the mooring of his Boeing B1. The location remained the favoured location for the exchange of airmail and  air passenger embarkation/debarkation point for over a decade.

3. Rithet’s Piers

Hubbard and his successors often exchanged mail bags directly with Canadian Pacific’s trans-Pacific Empress Liners at Rithet’s Piers. During WWII this area became the Victoria Machine Depot’s main fabrication centre. Today it is the location of the Canadian Coast Guard facility.

4. Ogden Point

During the 1920’s and 1930’s Ogden Point was occasionally used for passenger liners so served as a drop location for United States Postal Services mail pilots.